Inspiring others… to enter contests

Already I’m an inspiration. In the “Year of Wellness Video Contest” finalist interview, I apparently demonstrated my “enthusiasm for engaging other individuals in a Year of Wellness.” Sadly, all I’ve inspired so far is a fervor among my friends and family to enter contests. One good friend says she can’t see a rooftop kayak without thinking about my win. So she was driving, heard a radio call-in contest for Counting Crows tickets and was inspired to try her luck. She won. And she and her teenage daughter are going to the show this Wednesday.

 Then there’s my 70-something dad who was inspired to enter some huge contest that Shell Oil is sponsoring. I think it’s called the “Guess How Glad We Aren’t BP?” contest.  Well, it turns out the offer is “void in Puerto Rico, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia and where prohibited.” Like me, Dad lives in Virginia. And he was so ticked off, he wrote to his state senator demanding to know why he wasn’t entitled to a shot at five years of free gas plus an Audi Q7 or S5. He told me last night that he hasn’t heard back yet. I told him he ought to write Shell instead. It’s their contest, after all. Then, in the spirit of wellness, I encouraged him to bike the four-mile loop around his neighborhood. (Seriously, I did. And, seriously, he won’t.)

 Waiting. In the movie treatment of “My Year of Wellness,” there will be a montage at this point. A series of shots will show my empty e-mail Inbox (a cursor patiently blinking), the silent phone on my kitchen wall and the mail slot in my front door, perfectly still. The background music will be the Jeopardy theme song.

 The 30-second montage will end with me, sleeping in bed. The camera slowly tightens on my face and at the very moment that the theme sounds its “boom… boom” conclusion, my eyes pop open in panic. 

Yes, dear 21 subscribers, I still haven’t heard back from Steve, the sweepstakes guy. It’s been 11 days (six business days) since I heard first heard that I was the “potential grand prize winner” and faxed back my “winner” affidavit. This is a wee bit concerning because….

 We now own three new kayaks. On Friday, I picked up three new kayaks and all the accessories. The “boys” (my husband and son) were at Boy Scout camp so I took the girls to pick up the boats. Sixteen-year old James and another capable young guy in a Bob Dylan tie-dye ably installed the new roof rack and loaded them up.

 Driving home, we cruised through a McDonald’s drive-thru. (I know, I know… but I haven’t been gifted the nutritionist yet, so cut me some slack.)

 “Look how cool our car looks!” exclaimed my six year old, admiring our minivan’s reflection in the storefront glass.

 “It looks so happy!” agreed her big sister.

 Indeed, it did look happy. And, I have to tell you, I pretty much felt like we’d won the contest that that point. It all started to feel very real. So I called the friend whose Facebook post alerted me to this contest and just gushed my thanks. I seriously can’t believe we have these boats because we never would have bought them if it weren’t for all this.

 Tune in tomorrow (if my workload allows) to read about the boys’ reactions and our first family excursion.


2 responses to “Inspiring others… to enter contests

  1. McDonalds? Excuse me? Isn’t this all about a year of “wellness?”

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