The Life… supplemented news release

I told you it was official.

Read the Life… supplemented news release about our win.

Then rank on me on the comments section. 🙂

“Wendy M. of Richmond, Va., grand prize winner of the video contest, perfectly directed her Winning Video by highlighting the importance of wellness in her family’s regimen, as well as their love for kayaking. Wendy stated her reason for entering the contest was that she’d, “gain a lifetime of healthy habits and spend the $5,000 wisely, investing in something that would improve our family’s health for more than a decade.” As the winner of the video contest, Wendy receives a Year of Wellness prize valued at $10,000 – including consultation sessions with a registered dietitian, life coach, personal trainer and a year’s supply of vitamins and other supplements—plus a $5,000 cash prize to help her wellness dreams come true.”



2 responses to “The Life… supplemented news release

  1. Are you sure you really won? Was it certified? Did someone sign in blood? Did you have a lawyer make sure it was legal?

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